Rules and points for the Tour de France

June 28, 2019

The fantasy Tour de France features more competitions than just the quest to have the most overall points by the time the race reaches Paris. You can also compete to have the most sprint-specific points or the most climbing-specific points.

Here’s how those points will work:

Finishing Points

At the close of each race, the first 15 riders across the line will be awarded the following points:

  • 1st Place: 125
  • 2nd Place: 90
  • 3rd Place: 80
  • 4th Place: 70
  • 5th Place: 65
  • 6th Place: 60
  • 7th Place: 55
  • 8th Place: 50
  • 9th Place: 45
  • 10th Place: 40
  • 11th Place: 35
  • 12th Place: 30
  • 13th Place: 25
  • 14th Place: 20
  • 15th Place: 15

In addition, 15 points will be awarded to all of the riders on the team of the stage’s winner (this is a team sport, after all), and a full 30 will go to the last rider to cross the line. (In the Tour de France, the rider in last place in the overall classification is referred to as the ‘Lanterne Rouge,’ or ‘Red Lantern,’ in reference to the red lantern hanging from the back of a train’s caboose. Being the Lanterne Rouge is a kind of ironic honor, and as the guy in last place usually spent all day fighting wind and fetching bottles for his team leader. Attaboy.)

Jersey Points

Riders who are leading one of the race-within-a-race classifications at the beginning of a given stage get to wear the leader’s jersey for that classification during that stage. In addition to granting each of these riders 25 points per day, I’ll be adding in the points that the Vuelta itself grants in the points and best-climber classifications — the latter of which will be doubled.

Bonus Stages

This year, I’ll be doubling all points earned on the following three stages of the Tour:

  • Stage 6: That’s right: double points on the first official day of racing. I wouldn’t normally do that, but this one ends with a summit finish up the gorgeous climb of La Planche des Belles Filles. And so early in the race, it’s anybody’s guess who’s going to show their cards and go for glory.
  • Stage 9: A lumpy stage with four minor categorized climbs. This should be one for a breakaway.
  • Stage 16: A big old circuit around the ancient Roman town of Nîmes, this should be a day for the sprinters on your team. But in the south of France, there’s always the potential for crosswinds to wreak havoc.
  • Stage 20: The final test of the Tour, this is a relatively short stage but with three categorized, mostly unfamiliar climbs: the first-category Cormet de Roselend, the second-category Côte de Longefoy, and finally the summit finish of the beyond-category Val Thorens.

Podium Points

Riders finishing the Tour de France in one of the coveted competition jerseys will be awarded the following points:

  • Red: 300 points
  • Points jersey: 200 points
  • Mountains jersey: 200 points